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Prior to 1998, there are no known electronic forms of the newsletter. This is a list of newsletters that were scanned paper copies of the newsletter.
If you have old paper newsletters you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact the Webmaster (bottom of this page) for details.


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January 2023

All About USB-C: Cable Types-I
For Sale

February 2023

Kick-off Well Attended
All About USB-C: Cable Types- II
Hams Help HAARP in Latest Test
The Livonia Amateur Radio Club Swap-n-Shop
For Sale

March 2023

Amateur Balloon's Fate a Mystery
ARRL Youth Licensing Grant Program Provides Incentive for Young Applicants
For Sale

April 2023

Dayton Hamvention Coming Soon
Enormous Metal Sculpture Becomes an Antenna
NASA Help Wanted: Ham Radio Operators Please Apply
Grant Will Advance FreeDV HF Technology
For Sale

May 2023

National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting Open during 2023 Dayton Hamvention
Vacuum Tube-making on the Comeback in the US
For Sale

June 2023 -- Hamvention Supplement

Wood County AREDN Mesh Extended
Doing Radiation Safety Calculations
For Sale
Monroe Hamfest

July 2023 -- Field Day Supplement

Hamvention Attendance Up
For Sale

August 2023

Solar Activity May Peak 1 Year Earlier than Predicted
Slow-Scan TV Experiment with ARRL Planned for ARISS
Ohio QSO Party Coming up on Aug 26-27
For Sale

September 2023

How Low Can You Go? The World Of QRP Operation
Fair Radio Sales Shutting Its Doors
For Sale
Findlay Hamfest

October 2023

New Trustee Named
Net Control Operators Wanted
Amateur Radio Just Isn't 'Exciting'
Ham Radio Mini Beam
WCARC Participant in Preparedness Expo
For Sale

November 2023

Canadian Time Standard Ceases Broadcasting
U. Scranton Professor Led NASA Effort to Study Oct 14 Annular Eclipse

December 2023

Please Note: December Meeting Location Change
Kick-off Banquet Planned
Machine Teaches Morse Code
SKYWARN Recognition Day Is Ready to Go
K8TIH UHF Repeater Not Transmitting



January 2022

Time for a Kick-off
How Amateur Radio Fanatics Launched the World’s First Private Communications Satellite
Livonia Amateur Radio Club Swap-N-Shop

February 2022

Kick-off Successful
Radiation Safety Compliance
Cycle 25 May Be Better Than We Think!
Livonia Amateur Radio Club Swap & Shop
Heathkit Equipment For Sale

March 2022

New Rules Going into Effect this Year for Field Day
TMRA 'Fest Cancelled
Solar Eclipse to Impact Wood County
For Sale
Searching [for equipment]
APRS Developer Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, SK
Trunk Sale & Swap Meet

April 2022

Hamvention Is a Go (So Far)
What is FT-8?
Field Day Volunteers Wanted
Trunk Sale & Swap Meet
Free Stuff

May 2022

The Sun Is Flaring Up
Free Stuff
The 10-Meter Band
Trunk Sale & Swap Meet

June 2022

Field Day Plans
Jubilee QSL Card Available
How to Use Amateur Radio Moonbounce-EME Propagation
Monroe Hamfest and Computer Show

July 2022 -- Field Day Supplement

A Ham of Many Interests [WB8NQW]
Ham Radio Operators Tune In to Giant Waves in the Earth's Ionosphere
2022 AWA Conference

August 2022

Equipment Committee to Study Options
Helping Secure Amateur Radio's Digital Future
Amateur Radio Showcased at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh

September 2022

QRZ.com and Gigaparts Collaborate to Help New Hams
ARISS Operates on Voice Repeater and APRS at Same Time
Findlay Hamfest flyer

October 2022

AREDN Group Performs Propagation Test
Foxhunt Held after September Breakfast
Beginner's Guide To Lithium Rechargeable Batteries
For sale
2022 Skywarn Severe Weather Spotter Training
WCARC Roster

November 2022

Wood County AREDN Mesh Is Up!

December 2022

Kick-off Banquet
Taking a Closer Look at Transistors after 75 Years
Famous 'alien' Wow! signal may have come from distant, sunlike star
Dayton Hamvention Getting Ready
For Sale



January 2021

Maverick Astrophysicist - Unusually Intense Solar Cycle
Kick-off Banquet Postponed to Later Date

February 2021

Interested in Digital Modes but Never Took the Plunge?
Hamvention 2021 Cancelled
February Meeting to be All Business
Got a Minute? er, 59 Seconds?

March 2021

Ham Radio Forms Space Weather Sensor Network
For Sale

April 2021

No $35 FCC Fee Yet
13 Colonies Adds Station
History of the Capacitor - the Modern Era
WCARC 2021 Roster
For Sale

May 2021

Strange Story of DC's Lost AM Radio Station Still Transmitting Since 2013
Learning and Using Morse Code-I
WCARC 2021 Roster- 1st Qtr/rev
For Sale

June 2021

Field Day Plans
Net Control Volunteers Needed
FAQ about RF Exposure Rules Changes
The Russian Woodpecker: Official Bird Of The Cold War
Monroe Hamfest and Computer Show
For Sale

July 2021 -- Field Day Supplement

Learning and Using Morse Code-III

August 2021

Field Day 2021
AREDN Group Meets
Learning and Using Morse Code-III
In Case You Were Wondering [Sandy Mendelson]
AREDN Meeting
Invitation [W8PSK Birthday]

September 2021

The Story Behind Ohm's Law
King Midgets Visit BG
King Midgets Visit Snooks
Findlay Hamfest

October 2021

Foxhunt Held after Breakfast Meeting
Centenary of Ham Radio Transatlantic Success
Learning and Using Morse Code-IV
2021 WCARC Membership Roster

November 2021

Why Are Q-codes Used in Ham Radio?
Kick-off Banquet To Be Held

December 2021

Time for a Kick-off
Club Courthouse Tour
Near Field Communication (NFC) Cards
WCARC Field Day Results



January 2020

Incredibly Tiny RF Antennas For Practical Nanotech Radios
Solar Cycle 25 Forecast Update
Hacking Transmitters 1920s Style
Reminder Kick-off to Be Held in Wayne This Year

February 2020

Kick-off Banquet a Success
Wood County Has a Birthday
The Sun and Radio-I
Electricity Surge in Soil of Northern Norway
State QSO Party Challenge Announced

March 2020

Slow Code Net Started
Repeater Problems
President Signs PIRATE Act to Combat Illegal Broadcasting
The Sun and Radio-II

April 2020

April Business Meeting to be Held On-air
The Sun and Radio-III

May 2020

It's Foxhunt Time!
ARRL Announces New Benefits for Members
Hamvention QSO Party Set
Repeater Update

June 2020

June Business Meeting to be Held On-air
Why Do Resistors Have a Color Code?
We Need [Net Control] Volunteers
Foxhunt Fun
What about Field Day?
Recipe Corner

July 2020 -- Field Day Supplement

The Sun and Radio-IV
Recipe Corner

August 2020

July Breakfast Meeting
CW Net Change
August Meeting On-Air
Amateur Radio Operator Assists Lost Pilot
Why WWV and WWVH Still Matter

September 2020

Foxhunt Planned
The Sun and Radio-V

October 2020

New Venue for October Meeting
ISS Voice Repeater is QRV!
Remember Hara Arena?
New Sunspot Cycle Begins
Foxhunt Held
Back in the Old Days.... Installing the Antennas on ADM BLDG roof

November 2020

Ethernet At 40: From A Napkin Sketch To Multi-Gigabit Links

December 2020

President's Letter
Diodes: The Switch You Never Knew You Had
Amateur Input Sought for Propagation Experiment
Back in the Old Days [Ham-a-rama (1980)]



January 2019

NM8W Completes Hamming Trip to Israel
History of the Ham Radio Callsign II
Club Equipment
AM Rally To Be Held
Recipe Corner

February 2019

2019 Kick-off Brunch Held
What will the Sun do next?
History of the Ham Radio Callsign III
Time to Renew
A Weekend of Ionospheric Inquiry
Recipe Corner
Livonia Amateur Radio Club Hamfest flyer

March 2019

History of the Ham Radio Callsign IV
Cosmic Rays Increasing
Recipe Corner

April 2019

Plans for Repeater Move Proposed
Rads on a Plane
What's in a Chirp?
Dayton Hamvention Coming Soon
Recipe Corner

May 2019

CW: What's The Attraction and How Does One Learn It?
Where It All Started... [Dayton Hamvention History]
Recipe Corner

June 2019

K8TIH Repeater - Transmitter Move Completed
Another Hamvention in the Books
Morse Code Is 175 Years Old
Amateur Radio Alerts Ohio Town to Tornado
Views of the Hamvention at Xenia
Recipe Corner
Monroe Hamfest

July 2019

Message from the President-WB8NQW
Explanation of the Sunspot Cycle?
Foxhunt Planned for September
Views of the Repeater Move-May 24th

August 2019

Field Day Report
August Club Meeting to Include Presentation on MESH Networking
Dayton Hamvention Attendance Approaches All-Time Peak
Solar Weather Has Real Material Effects on Earth
Field Day Fun - June 22-23 [Pictures]

September 2019

Two Meter Proposal Dropped
Is There a Fox in Your Future?
Alexanderson Alternator SAQ Has "Incredible" Number of Reports
First Running of Ohio Courthouses OTA
Activities at Courthouses On The Air Event

October 2019

Foxhunt a Success on September 7th
Ontario considering permanent two-way radio exemption for Amateurs
What is an Electronic QSL Anyway?
Suggestions Wanted [Kickoff Banquet]

November 2019

Traveling the Country with Amateur Radio
New Antenna Uses Saltwater-Plastic Instead of Metal
Try Your Hand

December 2019

Kick-off to Be Held in Wayne This Year
FCC seeks to clear amateurs from 3.4 GHz
More than One Million Contacts Logged on Field Day 2019
A Miniature Radio Telescope in Every Backyard
Ham Issues 10 Meters Challenge
W1AW to Commemorate 98th Anniversary of First Amateur Radio Signals to Span the Atlantic



January 2018

Kick-off Banquet Plans
W1AW to Start Scheduled Transmissions on 6 Meters Beginning on January 2
Canada Reviews Handheld Rule for Drivers
Ohio ARES VHF Simplex Contest
Construction Sessions Planned
More Room for Hamvention
For Sale

February 2018

Digital Communications in Amateur Radio VI - Winlink
AM Rally Set for February 2-4
For Sale

March 2018

TMRA Hamfest on March 18th
SKYWARN Training
Ham Radio "a Special Hobby," Young ARRL Member Tells College Publication

April 2018

Solar Maximum and Minimum 2009-2020
Chinese OTH Radar on 40 Meters
The Most Exciting Era in Amateur Radio
Morse Code's a Shoe-in

May 2018

Hamvention Diversion: VOA
Expanded HF Privileges for Technician Licensees
Field Day is Coming!!

June 2018

Field Day Plans
6 Meters "The Magic Band" Heating up for Summer
I'm a Nerd-I Know What I'm Doing! [Zoning]
A Visit to the VOA Museum
Some of the Fun at the Hamvention
Free for Pick Up-Relay Rack

July 2018 -- Field Day Supplement

Field Day Report
YLRL Preps for Convention
13 Colonies Special Event Has 10th Anniversary

August 2018

Time Travel with Software Defined Radio
Morse code on Gboard
International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend

September 2018

Walking Foxhunt Planned
WWV-WWVH Shut Down Proposal
Origin Of 'HAM' and 'LID'
For Sale
Membership Roster

October 2018

A Hole in the Sun's Atmosphere
Walking Foxhunt Has Avid Participants
Working on 630 meters-a New Band
Technician Class Slated

November 2018

Tower Hoisting on Bishop Road
Amateur operators provide hurricane aid over the air

December 2018

Kickoff Banquet Planned
Program Notes for December 10th Business Meeting [630 meters]
Survey Seeks Direction from ARDF Enthusiasts
FCC To Implement New Registration System
History of the Ham Radio Callsign I



January 2017

Second Annual Ohio ARES VHF Simplex Contest
Special Event Reenacts 1921 Amateur Transatlantic Reception
Try Drinking in These Frequencies

February 2017

Kick-off Brunch
Amateur Radio Parity Act--Another Try
Digital Communications in Amateur Radio IV - PSK/RTTY/MFSK/Olivia

March 2017

HAARP Starts New Experimental Campaign
New Rookie Roundup Rules
National Museum to Mark 75th Anniversary of VOA

April 2017

April Program on Traffic
Technician Class to Wrap Up Soon
Islands On The Air (IOTA)
RadioShack Again Files for Bankruptcy
Crystal Manufacturer Closing after 6 Decades
ARRL Seeking Synergy with Maker Movement
Noise Floor Increasing

May 2017

License Class Completed
Canada Best Place for Hams to Experience Solar Eclipse
Ham Nation 300 Special Event
New Bands! 630 Meters and 2,200 Meters

June 2017

Field Day Plans
Food Plans for Field Day
Sherlock Investigates Radio Failures
Another Hamvention is in the Books
Monrow Hamfest

July 2017 -- Field Day Supplement

Hamvention 2017 Attendance: 29,296
Field Day 2017 A Success
Region 1 Intruder Watch Reports the Usual Suspects
Proclamation recognizing WCARC on Field Day, June 24, at Wood County Historical Museum
Field Day pictures

August 2017

How's Propagation?
Digital Communications in Amateur Radio V - NBEMS

September 2017

Foxhunt Planned
Inexpensive Tone Control for the Shack
K1JT Has New "Whisper" Mode
Small Propagation Change Measured During Eclipse
A Hamming Vacation

October 2017

Foxhunt Report
Hams Connecting the Caribbean after Maria
FCC Opens 630 m and 2200 m Bands
Ionic Response to Solar Flares
For Sale

November 2017

Firestorms Reveal Wireless Network Fragility
Scientists in Alaska Attempt to Produce Artificial Aurora
For Sale

December 2017

CW Gets the Message Through in Wake of Hurricane Irma
Kick-off Banquet Plans
Solar minimum surprisingly constant
FCC Chairman Recognizes Amateur Radio in Assisting Puerto Rico
Solar X-rays Oscillate D-Layer Ionosphere
For Sale



January 2016

New ARES VHF/UHF Contest Planned
Technician Class Produces 5 New Licensees
Kick-off Banquet Plans
Transmitting Spirit On Christmas Eve
Kids Day

February 2016

Kick-off Banquet
Ramsey Kits Calls it Quits
Digital Communications in Amateur Radio
Livonia Swap-N-Shop
NOARS Winter Hamfest

March 2016

Radio Voice Of A Century
Bigger Reach On NVIS Antenna Day
Parity Act Gets Favorable Report
Program for April Meeting Set

April 2016

Over the Horizon Radars on HF Bands
Our Sun Could Get Angrier than We Think
Interested in Satellites?
Seneca County Skywarn Training (and directions)
For Sale

May 2016

Digital Communications in Amateur Radio II -- Station Setup

June 2016

Field Day Doin's
Modern Day Radio Pirates
General License Class Completed at BiG FabLab
Maritime Mobile Service Network Responds to Mayday Call
Traffic Handling on Program for June Meeting
Girl Scout Radio Patch in the Works
What is Field Day All About Anyway?
Hamvention Action in Dayton

July 2016 -- Field Day Supplement

New Zealand Weather Buoy on 30 m WSPR
Canadian Sesquicentennial
Elecraft Introduces the KX2 Transceiver
Candidates Wanted
WCARC Membership Roster

August 2016

Good WX for Field Day Fun
Digital Communications in Amateur Radio III -- JT65 & JT9
Amateur Electronic Supply Closing after 59 Years
New Hams Licensed
Amateur 47 GHz Allocation Avoids 5G Juggernaut
WCARC Membership Roster

September 2016

Dayton Hamvention Change of Venue
FEMA Teams with Clubs for Preparedness Information
Foxhunt Planned
New Fairgrounds Venue Perfect for Hamvention
In Alaska, Preparing To Play The HAARP

October 2016

Foxhunt Has Six Participants
Falling Out--100 W/Wire
Higher Bands Will Pick Up this Fall -- Data Suggest Smaller Solar Cycles Lie Ahead
Amateur Radio Parity Act Passes House
AT&T's New "AirGig" Not Your Father's BPL

November 2016

NASA Scientists Study Solar Activity
SOHO-The Solar & Heliospheric Observatory
Broadcasters & Jammers on Amateur Frequencies
For Sale

December 2016

Kickoff Banquet Planned
WCARC Establishes Station at BiG FabLab
Nobel Laureate Joe Taylor, K1JT, to Conventioneers: Amateur Radio Will Thrive
Scientists Are Bringing Back Vacuum Tubes
Hamvention Countdown at New Venue



January 2015

Kick-off Brunch
GOBA to Come to NWOH This Summer
Video of Ham's Images from Space
BSA National JOTA Report
Equipment for Sale

February 2015

Kick-off Brunch
K8TIH Repeater Back to Normal
Toledo Hamfest Offers Free Table
ARES in Ohio Activate Following Loss of 911, Telephone Services
FCC Fines Ham
Baby powder prevents sticky fingers
For Sale
Livonia Swap Flyer

March 2015

Skywarn Training to be Offered
FCC "Paperless" Amateur Radio License Policy Goes into Effect
Dongle Bits - VI
Skywarn Severe Weather Spotter Training

April 2015

Number of Licensees at All-Time High
Wireless Power Transmitted Using Microwaves
Swanton Ham Wins Case
GOBA Is Coming!
SDR Topic of April Program
Solar Update

May 2015

Amateur Radio Parity Act in Committee
The Problem with Wall Warts
New Aluminum Bendable Battery

June 2015

2014: Maximum Year for Solar Cycle 24
FCC Proposes Amateur Access to 2200 and 630 Meters
Field Day Activities Planned
Free Weather Station Available
Free Electronics Course
Monroe Hamfest and Computer Show

July 2015

Geomagnetic Storming Reaches Severe Level
Assorted Equipment Available and Free Weather Station
K8TIH Appears on New Envelope Cover
Free Electronics Course

August 2015

Field Day Washed away to New Venue
ARRL Website Has New Amateur Parity Act Page
GOBA Riders Sail through Wood County
Ohio QSO Party
ARRL Files More "Grow Light" Ballast Complaints with FCC
For Sale

September 2015

Rockwell Collins to End Mechanical Filter Production
How to Learn Morse Code (CW) for Free!
FISTS - "When You've Worked a FIST, You've Worked a Friend"
K8JTK Named Technical Coordinator for Ohio Section

October 2015

Foxhunt Planned
Wood County Emergency Coordinator Steps Down
FCC is Now Paperless
Boys Scouts Are Prepared
Code of Conduct

November 2015

Foxhunt Report
FCC To Weigh In On Tinkering
FM Simplex Frequency Cleared for Contests

December 2015

WCARC Digital Repeater on Air
December Program to Cover Microwave Techniques
NASA seeks programmer fluent in 60-year-old languages to work on Voyager
New Antennas Erected
Kick-off Banquet Plans
Northeast Ohio Regional Communications (NORC)
VE License Testing



January 2014

Cycle 24 is the Weakest in More than Century
Kick-off Banquet
New Officer Slate Nominated

February 2014

Kick-off Banquet Enjoyed by All
A Century of Amateur Radio and the ARRL
Russia Ends Long-Wave Broadcasting
Table Available (@ the TMRA Hamfest)
Photos from the Kick-off Banquet at Dyers'

March 2014

How's Propagation on the Bands?
Skywarn Training Offered
Centennial QSO Party

April 2014

April Meeting to Include Program on Large Antique Machinery
Wood County ARES Net
Exam Session Held
President Hospitalized
Dongle Bits: Raspberry Pi
Wonder Where that Public Service Station Is Located?

May 2014

"Hear and There"
Dongle Bits - II
An Old Fashioned Antenna Party at QTH of KD8VWU

June 2014

Field Day to be Held at Museum
FCC Proposes to Open Licensed Services to Unlicensed Interference
Floridian Fined for Cellphone Jamming
WD8JWJ to present June program
A Family Affair
WA8SCT (SK) Equipment For Sale
Join WCARC for Field Day

July 2014

Ohio's New Amateur Radio Antenna Law
Ohio Antenna Law Challenge May Be Over
WA8SCT (SK) Equipment For Sale
Dongle Bits - III
No New Rules Affecting 902-928 MHz Band
Join WCARC for Field Day

August 2014

WCARC Field Day Activities
Two Meter Signal Copied in the UK
Facebook Says OK To Ham Calls As Alternate Name
Field Day Fun

September 2014

Dongle Bits - IV
Repeater Down

October 2014

Foxhunt Fun
WC8VOA Celebrates 70 Years at Bethany, OH
Texas Man Accused Of Assault And Criminal Mischief To Ham Radio Operator
TMRA to Host 2 m Simplex 'test
Revised Vanity Call Sign Fee
A different kind of mobiling
K6H Hollywood Celebrates Ham Radio
Revive Two Meters

November 2014

Actor Tim Allen Gets Ticket For Real
Dongle Bits - V
Equipment For Sale

December 2014

Kick-off Banquet Planned
December Program to Cover YLs
Space Junk Turns Out To Be Russian Satellite
Realtime Band Conditions Website
K8TIH Repeater Back on Air
NBC May Bring Frequency To The Small Screen
For Sale



January 2013

Kick-off Banquet Planned
We Need Your Opinion (Repeater move)
Use LoTW to Confirm QSOs

February 2013

New Officer Slate Elected
K8TIH Back to Normal
Good News For Scouts Involved In Radio
Kick-off Banquet Held
Repeater Repair Crew
Solar Update
For Sale

March 2013

Net Control Operators Needed
STRAND-1 Amateur Radio Smartphone Cubesat To Launch February 25
Field Day Venue Confirmed
Over The Horizon Radar Heard On 10 Meters
ISS Loses Communications with Ground Control
FAR Accepting Scholarships Apps For 2013 TO 2014
Corrected page 4

April 2013

Solar Cycle 24 May Have Double Peaks
2013 SSB Rookie Roundup - April 21

May 2013

PhoneSat Team Thanks Radio Amateurs
No June Edition of CQ Chatter

June 2013

No issue published

July 2013 -- Field Day Supplement

New User On The 903 Mhz Band
Over-the-horizon RADAR on the HF bands
TMRA Seeks FM Privileges For Techs On 10 Meters
Dayton Hamvention Attendance Holds Steady
Mon Bounce From Antarctica To England
Jeff, K8JTK, at the console of W1AW
Repeater Power with Backup Rewired
For Sale

August 2013

Huge Tracking Dish to Become Available for EME
Net Control Operators Wanted
Here Comes The Sun - There Goes The Sun
Western Electric And The 300B Triode Return
For Sales
Flying With Spare Rechargeable Batteries May Require Preparation
Membership Roster

September 2013

The Sun is About to Flip
Contesting and Propagation
Documentation Project Manuals For Chinese Gear
For Sale
Voyager On Outskirts Of Solar System
Membership Roster

October 2013

Antenna Program Featured for October
October Foxhunt Planned
Ambient Backscatter New Power Source
Ham Radio Publications Pioneer Wayne Green, W2NSD, SK
IDs Please!

November 2013

FCC Turns Away TMRA Petition to expand Technician 10m Privileges
Fun at the Foxhunt
30th Anniversary of Amateur Radio in Space

December 2013

Kick-off Banquet on January 12th
Membership Badge Proposal
Ten Meters Is (was?) Hot!
In Flight Ham Gear Ban To Continue
Show with Fictional Ham Sparks Crop of Real Hams
Storm Has Its Way with WD8JWJ Antenna Farm



January 2012

Kickoff Banquet Moved to Sunday
Ohio Section Emergency Coordinatior Report

February 2012

Kickoff Banquet a Success
US District Court Issues Summary Judgment against K1MAN
2012 To Be A Leap Second Year
Livonia Swap-N-Shop

March 2012

Spray-On Antenna
Special Thanks
Tim Allen Plays Ham in TV Series

April 2012

Findlay Radio Club Open House
K7RA Solar Update
N8QMV Exits as Net Control Operator
High Energy Hams
WCARC Membership List

May 2012

State "PRB-1&quto; Nearer to Passing
Field Day Plans Moving Forward
Celebration Potluck Lunch to be Held
WCARC 60+ Years of ARRL Affilliation
WCARC Membership List

June 2012

Scenes from the Dayton Hamvention 2012
WCARC 60+ Years of ARRL Affilliation

July 2012

Construction Activities Poll
Solar Update
Fox Hunt to be Held
Ohio Antenna Legislation Signed by Governor Kasich
WCARC Member N8YAE in CQ Magazine

August 2012

Field Day Fun!
Ohio QSO Party
Fox is Found

September 2012

Vanity Call Sign Fee to Increase
New Radio Burst Heard On The HF Bands
Morse Code On Mars
ARRL VHF Contest on Tap Sept. 8-10
Adrian Hamfest 2012

October 2012

Ohio Antenna Law in Effect
Project Night a Success
Foxhunt Planned
Ham Emcomm Repeater Vandalized

November 2012

Foxhunt is Fun
FCC Seeks Changes to Licensing Rules, Emission Types
Ham Radio Returns to St. Charles, MO, High School

December 2012

New Proposals from FCC
NASA Phonesat Coming Soon To Ham Radio
10 m is Hot!!



January 2011

GM Turns to Ham Radio to Solve Antenna Problem
Rescue Radio: Ohio Hams Provide Technology Support To Improve County Radio System
Kick-off Banquet At Stone Ridge
Vintage Radio Equipment Offered
Technician Class Completed

February 2011

ARISSat-1 Blasts Off
Logbook of The World Now Supports VUCC
Kickoff Banquet Well Attended
ICOM Asks Help In Stopping Counterfit IC-V8 HT's
Vintage Radio Equipment Offered
For Sale

March 2011

Skywarn Spotter Training
New QRS CW Net To Form
February Solar Flare Not So Impressive
For Sale

April 2011

Amateurs Assist with Ocean Rescue
Special Thanks
Pictures from the Toledo Hamfest
Current WCARC Membership List

May 2011

World Radio Labs Founder Leo Meyerson, W0GFQ (SK) a True Ham Pioneer
At the BG Electric Utility Substation #4 April 11th Meeting

June 2011

Field Day Plans
RIT Students Successfully Launch High Altitude Balloon
FEMA Administrator Calls Amateur Radio "The Last Line of Defense"
Ham Radio Responds to Joplin Tornado

July 2011

Hamvention Photos

August 2011

South Sudan--a new one
Field Day Photos
One Ham Killed, Another Seriously Injured in Tower Accident
TMRA to Install New D-Star Repeater

September 2011

Foxhunt to be Held After September Breakfast Meeting
Heathkit Says It Is Returning To The Kit Supply Marketplace
Adrian Amateur Radio Club Hamfest

October 2011

The Fox is Found
Solar Update
FCC Fine of $12000 for Uncertified Transmitter

November 2011

Rescue Radio: VK Hams Assist In Hunt For Aircraft Missing 30 Years
Statehouse Happenings
Ham Radio Numbers: 700,000 Hams In The USA
Ft. Wayne Hamfest Tickets Available

December 2011

WCARC Breakfast moves to Big Boy in BG
Statehouse Happenings
Logbook of the World: Backlog is Clearing
Hams Invited to Participate in a Research Project on the ISS
Hear the Wood County Amateur Radio Club Repeater online!



January 2010

Kick-off Banquet Plans

February 2010

Annual Banquet Festivities [Photos]
Become an Amateur Radio operator in one Day

March 2010

Skywarn Training Sessions Announced
The Sun is Back!
For Sale

April 2010

Emerging Technology: New Format Of Hard Drive Storage Coming In 2011
The Other Side of the Sun
U. S. Freshwater Island OTA
Letter of Interest to All from KE0EG

May 2010

For Sale
U. S. Freshwater Island OTA
Forum Schedule Announced for 2010 Dayton Hamvention

June 2010

Foxhunt to be Held Prior to June Meeting
Exciting Field Day Planned
For Sale
U. S. Freshwater Island OTA
Scenes from May breakfast at the Edgewood Inn

July 2010

Wood County ARES/Skywarn Shines in Tornado Emergency
First Two Way Contact Made On 8.97 KHz
June 26th is Field Day!
Foxhunt a Sly Success
Scenes from the Dayton Hamvention
U. S. Freshwater Island OTA

August 2010

Connect with the National Scout Jamboree via Amateur Radio
Third Annual Ohio State Parks On The Air Contest
July Breakfast
Ham Numbers: First Half Of 2010 Sees Upswing In New Amateur Radio Licensees
ARRL Argues that Oklahoma Town's RFI Ordinance is "Null and Void"
Solar Prominence on July 28
Field Day Fun (Pictures)

September 2010

Third Annual Ohio State Parks On The Air Contest
It's Inventory Time
The Digital Ham Radio Revolution!
Ohio QSO Party
Adrian Amateur Radio Club [Hamfest]

October 2010

Ohio House Bill 212 and Ohio Senate Bill 218
New York Judge Declares Amateur Radio Is Not a Cell Phone
Service Monitor at October Meeting
FCC Warning Issued In Interference Case
ISS ATV Activated Briefly On September 14th

November 2010

Propagation Report (October 23rd)
Whither FCC Decency Rules?
Breaking News: The Sun Worked 175 Years Ago!

December 2010

Skywarn Recognition Day
Vanity and Club Station Call Signs Happenings
Looking for QSLs? Try Logbook of the World
Corrected Letter from the President



January 2009

Kick-off Banquet Planned
Frequency Change For CHU
Radio In Space: Satellite Confirms Cracks In Earth's Magnetic Shield
Ham Magazine Changes Hands and Format

February 2009

WCARC Annual Banquet
FCC License Activity On The Rise
WCARC Banquet Photos

March 2009

BSA (Boy Scouts of America) Updates Radio Merit Badge Requirements
Rescue Radio: New Study Says Solar Storms Could Bring Disaster

April 2009

New Officers To Be Elected
Looking for [Net] Controllers
FCC Clarifies Repeater Definition
No Wallpaper Needed
US Coast Guard To Discontinue LORAN Stations
Solar Update

May 2009

Alleged Unlicensed Broadcaster Fined $10000 By The FCC
Equipment for Sale

June 2009

A Message from the President (Field Day)
WX4NHC On The Air Test
Ever Heard Of A WX1 Prefix?
Ramsey Maxwell Tour to Pass Through Bowling Green
Three New Micro Cubsats Launched

July 2009

FCC Says Any Signal Report Is A Good Signal Report
A Night at the Water Treatment Plant
Field Day Fun

August 2009

John Pastor, K8RZP, Silent Key
Ohio QSO Party
Walter Cronkite KB2GSD (SK)

September 2009

2009 Simulated Emergency Test to be Held Oct. 3-4
HPM/140 Birthhday Celebration

October 2009

Fox Hunt Planned
Solar Update
More CubeSats in Orbit
MFJ Purchases Cushcraft Antennas and Other Tidbits

November 2009

Surfin': Remembering the Woodpecker
Message from the President (Upcoming elections)

December 2009

Kick-off Banquet Plans
ELF Claims to have Toppled Two Radio Towers in Washington
Hamvention Attendance Up in 2009
Message from the President (Elections)



January 2008

Banquet Update--LAST CHANCE
Ever Heard of Logbook of the World?
Hog Morse

February 2008

Annual Banquet a Success
Repeater Woes
NOAA Frequency to Change
Skywarn Training Scheduled
2008 Meetings Scheduled
2008 Banquet at Ben's Table

March 2008

Repeater In Operation
Communication from K8JTK
The Bank Job
Skywarn Training Scheduled

April 2008

Storm Season is Upon Us
W1AW A Ham's Information Source
New Mode Discovered

May 2008

Dayton Hamvention Forum Line Up
Ham Working On Cancer Cure Featured On 60 Minutes
Ohio Sate Parks On The Air Contest

June 2008

Field Day is Coming
New NASA Tool Allows Exploration Of Ionosphere From Inside
Good News (Red Cross Background Checks)
Ohio Sate Parks On The Air Contest

July 2008

Ohio Sate Parks On The Air Contest

August 2008

Still No New Solar Cycle
Ohio Sate Parks On The Air Contest

September 2008

Whatever Happened To The Half Wave Dipole Fed With Coax?
Ohio Sate Parks On The Air Contest

October 2008

Message from Brent Stover, WD8PNZ
DXing---The Essence of Amateur Radio

November 2008

Get Ready For The ARRL November Sweepstakes

December 2008

Whatever Happened To The Half Wave Dipole Fed With Coax?
Kick-off Banquet Planned
Solar Update
ARRL VEC Announces Exam Fee Increase
What's Wrong with the Sun? (Nothing)
Ever Heard of 10-10?



January 2007

January Banquet Meeting Set
FCC Removes Code Test
FCC Revokes Amateur Radio License of Convicted Felon
For Sale
A candid shot of the rag chew fest after the last Club meeting
ARAY/GCARES Ham Radio Swap & Shop

February 2007

WCARC Banquet a Success
It's Official!! Morse Code Requirement Ends
For Sale

March 2007

K9UA-Silent Key
License Classes to Start
Message from K8OVO (Traffic Handling & Ohio Weather Awareness Week)
Hamfest Table
Repeater News
Donors Thanked

April 2007

Pictures from last month's breakfast meeting at Couzin's
Time to Upgrade???
US Amateur Radio Bands (effective 2/23/07)
Elmer's Corner
Are the Sunspots all gone??
Skywarn Training

May 2007

Motorola Suspends Powerline LV BPL Development
Elmer's Corner

June 2007

VE Exams Slated
Elmer's Corner
Field Day Activities Planned

July 2007

VE Exams Held
Field Day Fun

August 2007

The Sunspot Low. What Does It Mean For You?
Elmer's Corner: Antenna Safety
Ohio QSO Party

September 2007

Dave Robichaux, K5EYP Silent Key
ARES Teams Activated for Northwest Ohio Flooding
For Sale

October 2007

Get Ready For JOTA
Simulated Emergency Test Scheduled For Early October
What is 10-10?
Ham Radio Promotion: Old MGM Film Presents Radio Hams
For Sale

November 2007

Bylaws Change Proposed
January Banquet Planned
For Sale

December 2007

Bylaws Change Proposed
Banquet Update
For Sale



January 2006

WCARC January Banquet
Newcomer's Guide To Amateur Radio Equipment

February 2006

Photos of Banquet Meeting

March 2006

"Tremendously Successful" SuitSat-1 is SK
Repeater Down

April 2006

Dayton Hamvention Coming Soon!
Repeater Back Up--- and Then Down Again
Revolutionary New Antenna Design
Faces seen at the March breakfast meeting

May 2006

Using PL (CTCSS) on the WCARC Repeater System
Repeaters are up and Running
Receive and transmit site pictures

June 2006

Riley Hollingsworth To Amateur Radio Community: "LIGHTEN UP!"
June Meeting Program
Some Photos from the May Meeting
Field Day 2006

July 2006

SBA Honors Katrina Hero
Close to the Bottom

August 2006

Finding Parts
Scenes from the July Meeting at Couzin's

September 2006

Long-Silent Suitsat-1 Keeps Going and Going
Montenegro Now Number 336 on the Current DXCC List

October 2006

Foxhunt Slated
ARRL Pledges to Pursue BPL Interference Complaints
Photos from the September Breakfast Meeting at Couzin's

November 2006

And the [Foxhunt] Winner Is...
Pictures from the Foxhunt

December 2006

Skywarn Recognition Day
New 10 m Net in Operation
Pictures from the November 4th meeting and tour



January 2005

No issue published

February 2005

WCARC January Banquet
Wood County ARES Group Formed

March 2005

License Classes to be Held
Pirates Heard on 20 m
Got A Project?

April 2005

Something to Ponder -Keep in mind when using a repeater
Skywarn Training
April's Speaker

May 2005

Follow the Sun -DX'ing
May Program to Feature DX'ing

June 2005

Are You Ready for Field Day?
Technician Training Class a Success
May breakfast meeting in Grand Rapids
WCARC Field Day Information

July 2005

Foxhunt Planned
Field Day Fun (Pictures)

August 2005

July Foxhunt Report
Interested in Being a NC?
ARES Meeting Changed
Message from the President (Public Service)

September 2005

Amateur Radio Awareness Day

October 2005

The usual...

November 2005

Volunteers fill in for Phones
No-Code Postings Ramp Up As Filing Deadline Nears

December 2005

Scenes from the Fort Wayne Hamfest



We give ourselves a break in 2004. There were no issues published.



January 2003

Kick-off Banquet-Election Meeting to be Held at Maggie's
Radio Scholarships Available

February 2003

The Next Big Thing... High-speed multimedia hamming via the Internet

March 2003

Hamarama Update
Skywarn Training
Pioneer 10 spacecraft sends last signal

April 2003

Repeater User Guide
Iraqi Amateur Operation Reported

May 2003

Amateurs Support Tornado Relief Recovery Efforts
Technician License Study Course

June 2003

New 60-Meter Band To Become Available July 3!

July & August 2003

NCVEC Committee Studying Entry Level License Proposals

September 2003

BPL Places FCC at Regulatory Crossroad, AMRAD Suggests

October & November 2003

NWS/ARRL Skywarn Recognition Day Set For December 6

December 2003

Logbook Of The World Continues To Grow



January 2002

Kick-off Banquet

February 2002

The Bane of DX Operators

March 2002

FCC Proposes WRC Related Rules Changes
Hacker Must Prove He Deserves Renewal
Attendees at the February WCARC meeting

April 2002

A Tale of Two Antennas
WCARC Membership Roster

May 2002

Amateurs Muster For Weather Emergencies
WCARC Membership Roster
Tower Sections Available

June 2002

Out-Of-The-Ordinary Interference Case Resolved
At a Recent Club Meeting PSK31
Tower Sections Available

July 2002

A Message from the President
Florida Man Convicted Of Deliberate Interference, Unlicensed Operation
Fox Hunt Planned
Tower Sections Available
VE Exams at Hamarama

August 2002

Fox Hunt Planned
ARRL receives homeland security training grant

September 2002

Florida Man Imprisoned, Fined For Deliberate Interference
Hamarama Pictures

October 2002

Repeater Update
Vintage 1AW QSL Brings Record Price
What is a radio wave?

November 2002

What is a radio wave?-part 2
Activities at the October Meeting-- WB8NQW presiding

December 2002

Kick-off Banquet-Election Meeting to be Held at Maggie's
'Twas the Night Before Christmas and...
Annual Skywarn Recognition Day Is December 7



January 2001

Banquet Meeting Planned
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
Scholarships Available
Amateur Spectrum Bill Stalls
Are You an Acrobat? Electronic Newsletter

February 2001

If It's Winter, There Must Be a QSO Party Going On
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
Now We Have 'Radio Rage'
You Light Up My Life
Are You an Acrobat? Electronic Newsletter

March 2001

Skywarn Meeting Slated
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
Ham Classes Planned
Are You an Acrobat? Electronic Newsletter
Incorrect Info
WD8ICP at the repeater

April 2001

Need to Renew or Modify Your License?
Ham Classes Planned

May 2001

FCC holds the line on license restructuring
Ham Classes Planned

June 2001

K8TIH Repeater Back at "Full Strength"
As the K8TIH Transmit Antenna Goes Up!!!

July 2001

Did you know?? Repeater Functions
Solar Activity Still High
WCARC Hamarama Sunday, July 8th

August 2001

Hamarama Is Opportunity for New Tickets
Did you know?? Repeater Functions
Hamarama Prize Winners
ARRL Petitions for UHF Segment
For Sale

September 2001

Join in the Fun!! Fox Hunt
Proposal for New HF Band
A Simple Direction Finder Loop Antenna for Your HT
For Sale

October 2001

ARRL President Praises Amateur Radio Emergency Effort
Solar Activity Reaches New High for Cycle
Picture Quiz
For Sale

November 2001

FCC Clarifies Details of CORES Amateur Implementation
Speed Dial Contact List-courtesy of KB8QEW
For Sale

December 2001

Contester Warned for Causing Interference
New County for County Hunters
Annual Banquet Planned
Silicon Gallery



January 2000

You're Invited -Clubs Annual Banquet
The International Beacon Network-Is the Band Open?
RadioHead: Builders, Operators and Communicators
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
HF Rig For Sale

February 2000

Scholarships Available
FCC acts on restructuring
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
HF Rig For Sale

March 2000

75 Meter Culprit Found Out
ARRL to Seek Partial Reconsideration -Restructuring
HF Rig For Sale
The Big Ride Returns
GOBA Back in NWOH!

April 2000

RadioHead: The Future of Homebrew
Dayton Hamvention Coming Soon!

May 2000

FCC Says Advanced Subbands Not for Generals
NWS Has New Severe Weather Plan
Anybody Know the Frequency? -The Movie
Restructuring: Proving You Deserve An Instant Upgrade

June 2000

Volunteers Needed !! -Public Service
Field Day is Coming
Contests, Awards, and all that

July 2000

Local Scout Troop to Sponsor Jamboree Activities
Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure Rolls through Wood County
For Sale
WCARC Hamarama Sunday, July 9th

August 2000

It's Fair and Tractor Pull Time!
Operators Wanted -Scout Jamboree
Antenna Pioneer Dies
Hamarama Is Opportunity for New Tickets
Badger State RACES and ARES Combine Efforts
For Sale

September 2000

What is JOTA anyway?
For Sale
Operators Wanted -Scout Jamboree
Scenes from around the ol' radio shack -Fair Grounds

October 2000

Serious Need for JOTA Operators!
Simulated Emergency Test Planned
For Sale
Repeater Has Its Problems
ARES Mobilized after Tornado Rips Xenia

November 2000

Special Notice!!!
A Simulated Emergency Test - and a Taste of the Real Thing!
Pagers Available -- and They Work!! -RACES/ARES
For Sale
JOTA a Success
Amateur's On Air Business Halted
Repeater is Back
JOTA Pictures

December 2000

Special Notice
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
New Amateur Award -DX
Michigan Scanner Bill Dies
For Sale
Club Meeting Elects to Continue Hamarama
What is PSK31 Anyway?
FCC Declines Covenant Petition -PRB-1



January 1999

Skywarn Training Session
Annual WCARC Banquet
FCC Begins Stronger Enforcement Policy
from the QST - In Brief page
Equipment for Sale

February 1999

Scholarships Available
Skywarn Training Session
Mobile Equipment Stolen!
FCC Adds Bite to Its Bark -Pirate Stations
Equipment for Sale LAST CALL!!

March 1999

No issue published

April 1999

Correct Mobile Antenna Placement
FCC Warning Notices
Skywarn Training Sessions
Mobile Equipment Stolen!
Special Noise Canceling Earphones Available
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
HF Rig For Sale

i May 1999

Brief Summary of Field Day Rules
Charges Dismissed
Hamarama News
Mobile Equipment Stolen!
HF Rig For Sale
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
Hamfest Calendar

June 1999

License Restructuring on Hold
Equipment Donated
Hamarama News
Mobile Equipment Stolen!
HF Rig For Sale
Volunteers Wanted! -Big Ride Public Service
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES

July 1999

It's Hamarama Time!!
Emergency Training Exercise
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
Mobile Equipment Stolen!
Volunteers Wanted! -Big Ride Public Service
10-10 International
HF Rig For Sale

August 1999

FCC Enforcement Log
Emergency Training Exercise Held
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
Hamarama Prize Winners
HF Rig For Sale
Op-Amps - What are they and how do they work?

September 1999

Here Comes the Sun! -Sunsport Cycle
Big Ride Completed -Public Service
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
HF Rig For Sale
Op-Amps - What are they and how do they work?

October 1999

Meeting Night Change Proposed
National Weather Service Bill Creates Storm Cloud
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
HF Rig For Sale
Op-Amps - What are they and how do they work?

November 1999

Amateur Radio Shows Slow Growth
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
Solar Report
HF Rig For Sale
Op-Amps - What are they and how do they work?

December 1999

RadioHead: Builders, Operators and Communicators
Pagers Available -RACES/ARES
Kid's Day to be Held on Jan 1
HF Rig For Sale



There were no electronic versions of CQ Chatter before October 1998.

October 1998

Simulated Emergency Test
The New Restructuring Proposal
Equipment for Sale
Hamarama Prize Winners

November 1998

Land Mobile Interests Backing away from 440MHz
What are the Sweepstakes?
Vanity Fee Reduced
Equipment for Sale
Nominations Due

December 1998

ARRL Modifies Its Restructuring Proposal
Drugs Found in Stereo Bought at Hamfest
The Volunteer Examiner Program
Equipment for Sale
Vanity Fee Reduced



January 1966

Submitted by: Myron Babcock - KL7YY (ex: WA8GUB)

Make Up Your Mind
Club News
Paper Folding?
ARRL Bulletin No. 41
1965 Financial Report
For Sale or Trade

March 1966

Submitted by: Myron Babcock - KL7YY (ex: WA8GUB)

Club News
Dianne's Dilemmas
Weather Bureau And Amateurs Join Hands In Fight
News 'n' Views
11th Amateur Auction A Success
We're Growing!
What Did You Expect?
My Surprise Card And Letter
Give Up?
Warning To Pacifists!
For sale or Trade

April 1966

Submitted by: Myron Babcock - KL7YY (ex: WA8GUB)

Club News
News 'n' Views
Hams And The Weather Net
Dianne's Dilemmas
Woman's Corner
For sale or Trade

May 1966

Submitted by: Myron Babcock - KL7YY (ex: WA8GUB)

News 'n' Views
Club News
Replacements Needed
ARRL Bulletin No. 55
For sale or Trade

July 1966

Submitted by: Myron Babcock - KL7YY (ex: WA8GUB)

Frederick N. Grossman, WA8HWD
Diane's Dilemmas
Loosening Bolts - The Solution To A Problem
Club News
ARRL Bulletin
To Be-Or Not To Be?
2nd Annual Ham-A-Rama
Attention YL's and XYL's
For sale or Trade

September 1966

Submitted by: Myron Babcock - KL7YY (ex: WA8GUB)

News 'n' Views
Frustrating Fun!!?
Ham-A-Rama Pictures
Annual Club Picnic and Transmitter Hunt To Be Held



November 1965 - First Issue!

Submitted by: Myron Babcock - KL7YY (ex: WA8GUB)

Next Meeting's Tips
Signal Generators
Fading Signals
Coming Events
For sale or Trade

December 1965

Submitted by: Myron Babcock - KL7YY (ex: WA8GUB)

Club News
ARRL Bulletin No. 32
Gossip with Betty
Where are you? (Foxhunt)
TVI - A Problem
For sale or Trade