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June 2023 -- Hamvention Supplement

Wood County AREDN Mesh Extended
Doing Radiation Safety Calculations
For Sale
Monroe Hamfest

May 2023

National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting Open during 2023 Dayton Hamvention
Vacuum Tube-making on the Comeback in the US
For Sale

April 2023

Dayton Hamvention Coming Soon
Enormous Metal Sculpture Becomes an Antenna
NASA Help Wanted: Ham Radio Operators Please Apply
Grant Will Advance FreeDV HF Technology
For Sale

March 2023

Amateur Balloon's Fate a Mystery
ARRL Youth Licensing Grant Program Provides Incentive for Young Applicants
For Sale

February 2023

Kick-off Well Attended
All About USB-C: Cable Types- II
Hams Help HAARP in Latest Test
The Livonia Amateur Radio Club Swap-n-Shop
For Sale

January 2023

All About USB-C: Cable Types-I
For Sale


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