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July 2024

Field Day Fun
K8TIH UHF repeater Transmitting Again
Time to Renew
Skywarn Supplement

June 2024

Local Tornado in Early May
What I Heard During the Solar Event
Time to Renew
K8TIH UHF Repeater Close to Being Back in Action
Field Day Plans
Monroe Hamfest and Computer Show

May 2024

Eclipse Occurs without a Hitch
Radio Frequency Burns, Flying a Kite, and You
Brief History of the Hamvention
Dayton Hamvention Ready to Roll
Time to Renew
Single Sideband Jubilees

April 2024

Getting Started with Parks On The Air (POTA)
Time to Renew
Want to Look Yourself Up?

March 2024

Changes in Meeting Sked
Decoding JS1YMG: First Ham Radio Station On The Moon
Antennas Erected for EMA Office
County EMA Director on Eclipse Preparations
Time to Renew
Skywarn Training
2024 NOARS Winter Hamfest
Antenna Party at the EMA Courthouse Site (pictures)

February 2024

Wood County Skywarn Training - NOTE: training location changed to: Simpson Gardens Bldg., 1291 Conneaut Ave., Bowling Green, OH
TMRA Fest Is Back
How To Operate A 500KW Transmitter
Have You Ever Heard Of 10-10?
Kick-off Banquet Well Attended
Attendees at Kick-off Banquet (photos)
The Livonia Amateur Radio Club Swap-n-Shop

January 2024

HamSCI Announces Initial Observations From 14 October Annular Solar Eclipse
Last Chance for Banquet


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