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December 2018

Kickoff Banquet Planned
Program Notes for December 10th Business Meeting [630 meters]
Survey Seeks Direction from ARDF Enthusiasts
FCC To Implement New Registration System
History of the Ham Radio Callsign I

November 2018

Tower Hoisting on Bishop Road
Amateur operators provide hurricane aid over the air

October 2018

A Hole in the Sun's Atmosphere
Walking Foxhunt Has Avid Participants
Working on 630 meters-a New Band
Technician Class Slated

September 2018

Walking Foxhunt Planned
WWV-WWVH Shut Down Proposal
Origin Of 'HAM' and 'LID'
For Sale
Membership Roster

August 2018

Time Travel with Software Defined Radio
Morse code on Gboard
International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend

July 2018 -- Field Day Supplement

Field Day Report
YLRL Preps for Convention
13 Colonies Special Event Has 10th Anniversary

June 2018

Field Day Plans
6 Meters "The Magic Band" Heating up for Summer
I'm a Nerd-I Know What I'm Doing! [Zoning]
A Visit to the VOA Museum
Some of the Fun at the Hamvention
Free for Pick Up-Relay Rack

May 2018

Hamvention Diversion: VOA
Expanded HF Privileges for Technician Licensees
Field Day is Coming!!

April 2018

Solar Maximum and Minimum 2009-2020
Chinese OTH Radar on 40 Meters
The Most Exciting Era in Amateur Radio
Morse Code's a Shoe-in

March 2018

TMRA Hamfest on March 18th
SKYWARN Training
Ham Radio "a Special Hobby," Young ARRL Member Tells College Publication

February 2018

Digital Communications in Amateur Radio VI - Winlink
AM Rally Set for February 2-4
For Sale

January 2018

Kick-off Banquet Plans
W1AW to Start Scheduled Transmissions on 6 Meters Beginning on January 2
Canada Reviews Handheld Rule for Drivers
Ohio ARES VHF Simplex Contest
Construction Sessions Planned
More Room for Hamvention
For Sale


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