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December 2019

Kick-off to Be Held in Wayne This Year
FCC seeks to clear amateurs from 3.4 GHz
More than One Million Contacts Logged on Field Day 2019
A Miniature Radio Telescope in Every Backyard
Ham Issues 10 Meters Challenge
W1AW to Commemorate 98th Anniversary of First Amateur Radio Signals to Span the Atlantic

November 2019

Traveling the Country with Amateur Radio
New Antenna Uses Saltwater-Plastic Instead of Metal
Try Your Hand

October 2019

Foxhunt a Success on September 7th
Ontario considering permanent two-way radio exemption for Amateurs
What is an Electronic QSL Anyway?
Suggestions Wanted [Kickoff Banquet]

September 2019

Two Meter Proposal Dropped
Is There a Fox in Your Future?
Alexanderson Alternator SAQ Has "Incredible" Number of Reports
First Running of Ohio Courthouses OTA
Activities at Courthouses On The Air Event

August 2019

Field Day Report
August Club Meeting to Include Presentation on MESH Networking
Dayton Hamvention Attendance Approaches All-Time Peak
Solar Weather Has Real Material Effects on Earth
Field Day Fun - June 22-23 [Pictures]

July 2019

Message from the President-WB8NQW
Explanation of the Sunspot Cycle?
Foxhunt Planned for September
Views of the Repeater Move-May 24th

June 2019

K8TIH Repeater - Transmitter Move Completed
Another Hamvention in the Books
Morse Code Is 175 Years Old
Amateur Radio Alerts Ohio Town to Tornado
Views of the Hamvention at Xenia
Recipe Corner
Monroe Hamfest

May 2019

CW: What's The Attraction and How Does One Learn It?
Where It All Started... [Dayton Hamvention History]
Recipe Corner

April 2019

Plans for Repeater Move Proposed
Rads on a Plane
What's in a Chirp?
Dayton Hamvention Coming Soon
Recipe Corner

March 2019

History of the Ham Radio Callsign IV
Cosmic Rays Increasing
Recipe Corner

February 2019

2019 Kick-off Brunch Held
What will the Sun do next?
History of the Ham Radio Callsign III
Time to Renew
A Weekend of Ionospheric Inquiry
Recipe Corner
Livonia Amateur Radio Club Hamfest flyer

January 2019

NM8W Completes Hamming Trip to Israel
History of the Ham Radio Callsign II
Club Equipment
AM Rally To Be Held
Recipe Corner


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